We deliver smart functions to
enrich learning experiences.

Course Management


Markdown Support

Write clear richly-formatted assignment instructions with our built-in Markdown editor.

Markdown support

Attach files

Add multiple attachments to each assignment.

Easy submission for students

Instantly submit completed assignments and attached files.

Student submissions

Fast feedback

Swiftly review submitted work and deliver immediate feedback.

Immediate Feedback
Grade assignments

Review and feedback


Quick grading

Save time and deliver feedback in a single click.

Formative Feedback

Deliver immediate feedback to students in tutorial sessions and enable quick-fix iterations.

Submissions history

Save and archive submitted assignments for future reference.

Assignment completed Please resubmit

Track Student Progress

Full progress matrix

Real-time progress matrix

View a live overview detailing the progress of individual students.

Differentiated learning

Customize content for each student based on individual progress and specific learning needs.

Leave no one behind

Quickly establish which students are struggling, and make interventions to offer support and accelerate progress.

Connect and Collaborate

Students learning in classroom

Built-in messaging

Communicate with students in-class or remotely.

Classroom-friendly flexibility

Reply to student messages online or in person.
Messaging works seamlessly in team-teaching contexts.

Allocate support fairly

Student messages are sequenced within a fair queuing system.

Real time chat with students

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